Our Work


The 'Ripple Effect'- IMAX COP26 Glasgow

RYCA had partnered with youth@SAIIA (South African Institute for International Affairs) and Leeds University to create the Ripple Effect project. This is a film project which brings together young people’s voices from across the world as they talk about their experiences of climate change on a very local and personal level. From activism in Belfast to droughts in South Africa to year 6 kids talking about flooding. The Ripple Effect Film is being shown at the IMAX at COP 26 on the 8th November and afterwards RYCA and our partners are hosting a workshop and Q&A session.

Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission launch


We were invited to speak at the launch of the Yorkshire & Humber Climate Commission which is an organisation dedicated to advancing climate action and sustainable growth across the region. We had the opportunity to speak about our work to major players in the region and were joined by other speakers such as: Mayor Dan Jarvis MP (of South Yorkshire), Lord Debben (Chair of the Climate Change Committee) and more. We’d also like to note that RYCA came before YHCC so technically they’re the offshoot


Barry Sherman MP Summer School

Barry Sherman MP (for Huddersfield) ran a summer school on climate change and activism for young people. We were invited to run a workshop where we talked about our experiences on campaign, gave tips and ran a Q&A session. Which was one of the best we had because we managed to answer hard hitting questions about our work, particularly on carbon tax. It was also nice not to be the youngest in the room for once.

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Roundtable with DCMS

RYCA members, along with other young people from across the country, spoke to senior civil servants at DCMS and BEIS (Department for Culture, Media & Sport and the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy). We managed to raise points on sustainably shopping and people not being able to access eco friendly products. As well as climate education and young people being at the heart of decision making. There were other roundtables later on like Youth Voice which we also attended and made sure that climate change was forefront there as well.

Interview with the Business Desk

Two of our members were interviewed by the Business Desk following our speech at the YHCC launch. It focused on the North South divide as well as businesses and climate change. From environmental and economic sustainability being linked, the just transition and green jobs it was a great experience. Another key part of this interview was ‘climate action could and should be a catalyst for further social and political change’ which is at the heart of what RYCA believes. We want to draw the links being climate change and other issues so we can effectively tackle them head on. From transport to voice; health to jobs, if we combat climate change we have an opportunity to improve a lot of things young people are fed up with being ignored. 

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